Friday, August 31, 2007

What do you believe?

What is a belief that you hold dear and why? How do you justify this belief?


What is something that you thought to be true but later learned was not?
(go beyond Santa Claus... link it to an AOK or personal experience)

You as a Knower

What is on epiphany you had when writing your Knower Autobiography or since, when considering what you know about personal and proper justifications?

Allegory of the Cave

When considering "Allegory of the Cave", how is it possible that some people can believe in illusion and accept it as reality? Give examples.

Knowledge in your Classrooms

What is an example of "knowledge" that you have struggled accepting based on authority in any of your academic courses? Why has it been difficult? What is it about YOU that possible has influenced this?

Please discuss subject matter, NOT teachers or teaching styles.