Monday, March 19, 2007

Time-Why and How?

So, I have recently been pondering the element of time. How it impacts our lives and why man felt the need to develop this concept. But is that a truth for man-does time actually exist or is this something which is subject to change for any of us? What has society done to make it either acceptable or not to feel the need for this idea of time itself?

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J.Malone said...

Read a short book called "Einsteins Dreams". It's a cool vision of time and how life might be if it worked differently. Check it out.

brebitz said...

my belief about time is that it does not exist in the numerical values we have given it, for example 60 seconds in a minute. time does, however exist in the sense that there is a rhythm and cycle to all that life is/does. so therefore time in the sense of days seasons, and years is a valid construction for counting the amount of cycles the earth takes, however seconds, minutes and hours chop up these cycles and therefore change the way we interact with our world