Tuesday, May 22, 2007


Alas, I am lacking a link to this article I had found. Sorry.

So, being the tech-savvy man I am I was reading an article about College and the internets the other day. Specifically those fancy-pants essay writing companies. My question relates to the students involved in this, who claim that the fancy-pants plagerism checks are a breach of honor, and should no longer be used, and they are in fact suing the company in charge for some millions of dollars of copy-right infringement.

So I ask, who is right?


Also, if you find the article please link.


Shayden said...

It's so sad that it's come to this! What has happened to our honor? *Wallows in despair by rolling around on floor with mascara running down face with tears*. Just kidding! I believe that people ought to have some trust and enough respect not to doubt one's integrity, but someone's got to do the dirty job to ensure that both parties involved are kept honest. We don't want to admit liars and cheats now, do we? Besides, if you didn't plagiarise and you have documentation of your own work, what have you got to worry about? You did your job, so let them do theirs. As for the irony of the copy-right infringement legal stuff, that shouldn't be a problem unless you actually took the time to copy right your college essay (and really, who does that??). If they were trying to pass it off as their work, or using it publically as an example for others, then I might have an issue with that, but here I think the ends justify the means. It's for everyone's protection, n'est pas? Oh yeah. You can sue for anything. Like hot coffee. Or sun-shade companies that fail to warn drivers to remove before driving. Blech. Suing over a breach of honor? Hmm...Sounds a bit sketchy if you ask me, so I must stand on the side of those fancy-pants essay writing companies...Wait--fancy-pants essay writing COMPANIES?

Oops. I potentially just went on an excessively lengthy rant concerning the wrong topic. Could you elaborate on these companies? Do you mean companies that help generate essays for students, or vast banks of essays that are used for plagiarism checks?

Alright. I'm done procrastinating for finals studying.

Wolf Man Jack said...

I all honesty, both. They were both discussed. First, should we be using these writing companies (no) and second should be be using the checkers (maybe).

J.Malone said...


J.Malone said...

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pross661 said...

So the plagerism checker is being sued by college students? Haha, typical college students. Well, I do have to say congrats to the students for making such a bold move over this plagerism checker. However, is it really worth it? I mean seriously, why would you want to invest so much time and effort into sueing the company? I just think that maybe these college students are just angry that they can't cheat on thier term papers, and now have to actually do the work. I mean, if you really put effort into your paper and didn't copy from another source, then what is there to worry about? I personally believe that these particular students are just blowing off a bunch of hot air, but who knows? Maybe they have a genuine case for this...