Friday, October 03, 2008

Caption Contest

Using your TOK skills and language, write a caption to this photo (of a masked TOK Seminar student) and win a prize.

What can we know about this through:
sense perception

What knowlege issues are present?
Keep your captions appropriate, please!

Deadline, Friday, Oct. 10!


Ilya said...

In addition, the rest of the photos can be viewed here:

If you'd like hi-res versions, let me know,


ethan_is_ninja said...

"my 'sense perception' is going 'batty' for some 'reason', I think it's because up in this tree, well I hope I don't look like a 'Joker' because that would hurt my 'emotions' and make me resort to explicit 'language'."

i tried..

Karam said...


Vincent said...

it's suto...

"wow this looks really high, although my eyes have deceived me. God it makes me cry at night :(. I think once I find a way out of this tree I'll go get glasses."

ya, I know that sucked... deal with it

the bee gee said...

"Justice in Gotham City was never quite the same after the Batman became an environmentalist"

Simone said...

"Batman's senses were informing him of the impending event; with language he was able to label the knowledge. He felt sad as he realized that his DODGEBALL TEAM LOST TO MS COWEN'S SUPERIOR PSYCH CLASS, the IDS! (and that's the truth)"

PurplyPurp said...

Batman likes the smell of bark. He thinks it is good to live near it so he can smell it all the time and be happy. Sometimes when he must go fight crime he does not want to leave and gets really angry. He always curses the bad guys, but is hasty because he wants to get back in his tree.

Taylor G. said...

Hmm, I can only think of a comic book caption to go with this picture. Well, to tell the truth its a dialog.

ROBIN: Holy existentialism Batman! By the sound of those damsels in distress, this city must be wrought with crime!

BATMAN: Good ear Robin! This city is indeed infested with wrongdoers, and it is my sworn duty to deliver justice to all! Starting with this courtyard.

Err well that's my take on it, if the criteria involved moral concepts and ethical means, I'm sure a comic book caption would be more valid, but I wasn't too sure what sort of caption Mrs. King intended us to write.