Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Dark Matter in the news

It seems we're not the only ones interested in dark matter these days. Check out this article from MSNBC about the latest forray into the field. Does this type of study and mass media coverage change your opinion about dark matter at all? Does it validate Dr. P's presentation? Does it add authority and further evidence, or does it raise more questions?

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Dr. Polhemus said...

More info at the wonderful Bad Astronomy Blog.

Here's my summary: Dark matter probably consists of both particles and anti-particles. These particles and anti-particles can annihilate each other creating high energy particles that we can detect. We have detected very high energy cosmic rays that may be from these annihilations. These cosmic rays could be from something else, but it would have to be something close to our solar system because cosmic rays with this much energy can't go far without getting slowed down. We don't have many ideas for a source that is close enough other than dark matter, but we need to figure out which direction the cosmic rays are coming from before we can say much. This is an early result, but it is exciting (for those of us who get excited about things that we can't see.)