Friday, April 20, 2007


So, in Arcadia it is said by Chloe that "Sex is the attraction newton left out."
Imagine a very very complicated machine. Complicated to the point it seems as magic to us. Could that robot ever actually feel sexual attraction? of would the attractions it felt be governed by it's programming? if the latter, wouldn't it still (more or less) follow Newton?


brebitz said...

chloe's point does not apply to robots because humans create robots according to the laws we create (newton was a human) so the fact that a robot contradicts this statement is actually not contradictory because humans cannot define the law of attraction, there seems to be no concreteness to it, and therefore since it is not definable it is not a part of our laws/rules. this means that a robot should not follow the laws of attraction and should only follow the laws we have defined, as it is the undefinable that undefine the defined or sex is the attraction that newton left out.

laughingcorpse said...

depends on how you program one. Ask Marla that she's a programer

J.Malone said...