Monday, October 08, 2007

Ethics and Morals

So the Seniors will get this more since we just talked about this in English. If the ethical code says that one cannot kill an animal in an expieriment, is it not a "grey zone" between morals and ethics when one decides how much they can stress the animal and still be "ethical"? By definition ethics should have to personal bias, but is not true that few things work the way they should in the real world? Does it not make sense that in out imperfect world ethics would have some personal bias as well?


A. Koss said...

That's why we have ethical debates. It's because interpretation of the ethical code varies based on the individual.

KatiZ said...

I thnk that this makes alot of sense, as ethical codes have to come from somewhere, they are created by people and therefore have bias, as does anything that is created by a human.