Monday, October 29, 2007

Reason, Instinct & Creation

"Reason must sit at the knee of instinct and learn reverence for the miraculous instinctual capacity for creation." -Jonathan Schell
What do you think this quote is saying about the connection between reason, instinct and creation? Also, what do you think this quote is implying about ways of knowing?


katrina337 said...

I think this quote is saying that most of the best creations/inventions were made by following an instinctive path rather than basing it off of past perspectives and how we can, based on previous knowledge, progress as a society. Not that I think it's saying we should completely disregard previous knowledge, but I think it's saying that by trying to only further one aspect we limit ourselves from other possibilities that don't have a base yet. This would make reason/experience type basings somewhat of a limitation rather than a proper justification/way of knowing...

Cindy Dy said...

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