Sunday, April 20, 2008

Everyone (Who Contributes) Gets a Cookie!

What’s your position on Eminent Domain? How would you define “Public Use”?

Remember: Anyone who contributes (With POK’s WOK’s etc.) to this post will get a cookie if they show up to the Eminent Domain IA presentation on May 14th.
Note: If you want more background information, or interesting stories, ask and I’ll post them to this thread.


Dani said...

from what little i know of it, i think its extremely unfair. this is based mostly off of the autonomy idea presented in ethics; one should have the right to choose for themselves.

without consent...wouldnt that be considered theft technically? or is it "legal" because its the government?

I understand the necessity for such prperty for public utilities and whatever but I really do think that there needs to be consent and/or compensation

however, i really dont know all that much about it

Rachel said...

Like Dani, I understand the economic necessity for eminent domain. The ethics question is whether or not the compensation is equal in value to what was confiscated, and whether the confiscation was beneficial enough to merit the disadvantage of the individual. Where I run into a problem is with what the land is used for: if, for example, a high way is to be built, how necessary is it? What if the former owner of the land would rather see the money used to supplement the city's inadequate busing system, rather than promote individual/solitary transportation?

Because I am rather unfamiliar with the topic, supplementary information would be appreciated.