Monday, April 14, 2008

More Fiction

In class we came up with books that we felt we could know something from. I want to know if you've ever read a book of fiction that made you completely challenge something you knew before reading it. What ways of knowing were you using and what ways of knowing was the book using? What was the conclusion that you made after reading it? Oh, and just one more thing: do you think that the quality of the writing of a book can affect your ability to know from it?

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Dani said...

Recently I read The Alchemist by Donna Boyd (not the IB one) and it has a very non-western mentality to it, which in fact it addresses within the novel, and that made it hard to accept at first. Just what it suggested completely challenged a lot of our Western beliefs and so only by accepting it as fiction was i really able to get by that.

I was using logic, the logic that we are taught in schools here (generally), and that played into my emotions because I'm emotionally attached to what I know from growing up. As well, sense perception contradicted a lot being presented which was hard to accept.

I'm not sure of a conclusion per made me think about how people view history and different cultures but I'm not exactly sure how to phrase it. The writing quality can totally affect your read of a book; when somethings written in a style I dont like, I dont read it.

(unless its required)