Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Genetic Testing on children... To see which sports their bodies are better suited for

So I saw a news report on 9News about this topic then went to research it more and I found this article writen by the New York Times. It basically talks about a genetic test that can be performed on children to which sports they are likely to excel in. All I am asking is you take a look at this article, possibly do more research if still not understanding the article... and respond.

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Big D said...

You sutes, I'm gonna have to support genetic testing to find ability and here's why.
We are not all equal.
We are not all ambidextrous because we need dominance in one hand to have it perform better while the other lacks skills. This ability to be more dextrous in one hand then to have less in both is beneficial becuase most tasks require only require one skilled hand while the other does something less dextrous. The idea behind that is that a strength in one area is beneficial. Knowing that you are skilled in long-distance activities will ultimately help you determine certain things in your life and help you be able to contribute more to your society. I know that me and long distance things like running don't get along. I wish I had known this when I was eight so I could drop my dreams of basketball and start wrestling.