Thursday, December 18, 2008

Speaking in Bubbles

Going back to The Persuaders, the film we watched two breakout sessions ago about the cultures of marketing and advertising, the clip embedded in title addresses public advertising.  The man in the video created the bubble project as a way to inspire dialogue about public advertising, giving the people the chance to talk back to the advertisers and get their voice in the public realm.  While he believes that the corporations win with the bubble project because it brings attention to their ads, it also gives the power back to the people/ the consumers, allowing them to respond to product given to them.  How does allowing people to add their own comments and language to the ad change the carefully crafted image/message the "persuaders" in the media put out?

(When you click on the link give the video a second to load, the page will initially look like there's no video but if you give it a minute it will buffer and appear)

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