Monday, January 15, 2007


This is an interesting website where you can have a conversation with a computer.
What do you think?


devin said...

Although it's a more advanced chatbot, it's still not in the least bit comprehensible. Any attempt to hold an intelligent conversation and the darn thing starts talking about going to sleep and Orlando Bloom. Oh was a good try on their part.
I think this kind of thing could happen in the future, when we understand how we think a little better, but right now our technology and our knowledge is so limited that we cannot possibly create an AI that could hold a conversation with a moderately intelligent person. It's just not possible yet.

Wolf Man Jack said...

Actually the one on the main page has some major issues. Try going to the "Your Bot" page and look on the side. They have specific bots, and George is very very good.

Deep Chandegara said...

I'd have to agree, the robot is not very intelligent.
It can't even do basic math.

Wolf Man Jack said...

I do hope you realise that in order for it to do anything it has to be taught first. And although it may not understand basic math, it had a nice conversationw ith me about E=mc^2. It even told me things I didn't know. Then I double checked, and it was right.
PS, I didn't double check on a wiki.

A. Koss said...

It called me a worthless ho.
AI has got a long way to go. I don't think this machine or anything based on a set of pre-programmed rules like Jabberwacky can ever be truly intelligent.