Wednesday, January 10, 2007

On a lighter but much stranger note....

And here's a shorter post for those who don't really want to read the previous one. I'm pretty sure this man is insane, but it's interesting looking at the language he uses and how he tries to debunk the use of "word" and "singularity" by using pretty obscure and hard to follow terminology. It's interesting, but also more than a little frightening. I'm not sure how to connect this to TOK besides through his language usage, but discuss away.
Here's the site:


Wolf Man Jack said...

I'm not going to lie.
That site made less than no sense.
He seems to be saying stuff that makes sense, but then when you add any rational thought then it becomes absurd.
If someone could help define what he is saying, that would be good.

Wolf Man Jack said...
this site helps explain what Timecube is.