Tuesday, January 30, 2007

A story with a moral

There were once two islands separated by a body of water. There was a ferry boat that traveled between the two islands once a week. On one island lived "A", on the other island lived "B". One week "A" and "B" met on the ferry boat and instantly fell in love. Neither of them had any other means of transportation, so they met eachother eery week on the ferry boat.
Until one day "B" said, "this long distance relationship is just too hard. I can't handle it, it's over." Well, "A" was devasted, got off the boad, sat on the dock and cried.
Along came "C" who asked what was wrong. "A" retold the story and "C" said ,"No problem! I have a canoe; I'll take you across to the other island. But there is one condition. You have to spend the evening with me." "A" thought about it and agreed.
The next day "A" and "C" set off for the other island. But news travels faster than "C's" canoe, and "B" had heard about "A's" decision before they arricev. "B" was waiting on teh shoe when the canoe docked. "B" said, "'A', you have been unfaithful. Leave!" Again "A" was devasted, sat on the shore, and cried.
Along came "D" who asked what was wrong. "A" retold the entire story, "D" became very angry, stormed off, and beat up "B".

Rank the four characters fromt the best to the worst where 1 is the best and 4 is the worst
We're mostly talking Moral/Ethical grounds here - How did you make your choice?


Jared,givemeagooddisplaynamenow,wolschlager said...

Well I think we can all agree that D and B acted in purely ethical means. Not really, I just find it easier to start a post with a joke. Honestly though according to ethical guidelines A and C are clearly the moral ethically justified figures in this hypothetical situation. C is most ethical, because he satisfies the standards of no harm and beneficence. C is removing A's pain even if it is for a nominal fee. A would be secondary, because he seems to at least partially encrouch on B's freedom. He does not follow the autonomy standard. SHAME ON HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Next it seems to be B, b/c while he caused harm to a it seems to be unintentional. He is not treating A as an equal either. FOR SHAME LITTLE B. Then we have dear old D, who I admire, he takes an unethical stance in a private situation, and fatally wounds B (i assume its fatal). He rejects most ethical standards in order to impress A, he truly is the tragic hero, of the dual island lost soul game. SO to repeat the order is CABD. This is the answer CABD

Rachael said...

First of all, B was in no position to say that A was unfaithful because B already ended the relationship. D is my hero and i would date him. C is very considerate and a great friend. SO:
A-3-Don't whine about it to everyone, it annoys me. get over it.
C-1-See above
D-2-see above
Justifications: i deal with this situation more than i would like in one way or another and this is just my experience. moral/ethical? does it matter? it was an emotion based story.