Monday, December 03, 2007

Dr. Watson- Racist?

This article is about Dr. Watson's recent announcements.
Many of us are familiar with Dr. Watson as a great scientist, being part of the Watson and Crick team that pioneered advancements in DNA. Now, Dr. Watson is making claims that experiments show that black intelligence is not equal to white intelligence and therefore, black people do not deserve to be treated the same way as white people. As we know, Watson has proved his intelligence through his advancements with Dr. Crick concerning DNA, yet he is being fought and even looked at in the context of racial hatred laws.
How do Watson's current statements compare to the work he has done in the past (does his past work give him any more credibility now)? Is society not accepting his ideas because of our familiarity bias with equality? How is science conflicting with ethics?

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Crista said...

Hum. This is a very interesting issue. While Watson's opinion is only being heard because of his prior fame as a scientist, in today's world, even with his reputation, serious people probably won't accept this new claim of his. The conflict between science and ethics is very compelling. I assume Watson is breaking no scientific ethical codes, but in the realm of society in general, people will see this as a breach of ethics and therefore most likely will not accept his findings. There is too much tension involving race and few will dare cross to the side that Watson is taking. It would be interesting to know what exact evidence he has regarding his new claim.