Monday, December 10, 2007

Draft? or All Volunteer Military?

There are those who volunteer to enlist because it is their choice and they feel that it is their duty to do so, but is it fair to have the all volunteer military when many of the people who enlist are the ones who have no other options? Is it ethical for people like Bush and Cheney who make the decisions, to send these people to war when they have never gone to war themselves and will never have to worry about sending their children? The draft no longer exists for the very reason that people don't want to be forced to go to war, especially those who don't agree with it and feel that it is not a sacrifice they should be making. But if we were to have the draft system instead, there probably would be a lot more protest and people who can so easily ignor the war now would definitely be forced to face this issue. So which would you choose? The draft system or all volunteer military?

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SamanthaJo said...

Right now, I don't think we need the draft. We have enough people who voluntarily enlist, so there is no need to force people to enlist. I'm not sure I understand the argument against an all volunteer military. If a person enlists in the military, they do know what could happen to them. I don't think the majority of people who enlist, enlist because they have no other options. And how can we say it's unfair for the President to send people, who volunteered to be in the military, to war? The President has his job, and people in the military have their's. I think it's wrong for people to assume it is easy for the President to send Americans to war. Just because the President is not there, or his children are not there, does not mean he doesn't care. Of course the President cares about the country his governs. By no means is it an easy decision to choose to go to war (even if war is not officially decalred). I believe an all volunteery military is the better system, since the people who enlist are willing to fight for their country. It is working at the moment, so I see no need to change to a draft system and force people to fight for something they may not believe in.