Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Marijuana Returned

James and Lisa Masters recently won a court case to have $100,000 dollars of marijuana plants and growing equipment returned. It was returned from impoundment by the police by order of Judge James Hiatt, because the Masters claimed to be using the marijiana for medical purposes, and selling it to friends using it for medical purposes. However the equipment and all of the plants were destroyed, so the Masters are seeking compensation, saying the law requires all medical marijuana to be maintained. Should the plants have been returned, and do the Masters deserve compensation?

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Crista said...

Did the Masters have any proof that they were using the drugs for medical purposes? I think it is necessary to know more before being able to answer the question completely. However, I would generally lean toward the answer that they should not be compensated. It is not a civilian's place to be selling marijuana to other people, even if it is for medical uses.