Thursday, January 24, 2008


So, I was trying to write my second english EA and thinking about finishing my biology lab at the same time, and I got side-tracked into thinking about how everyone's perception of the world differs. And I asked myself a question that I couldn't find an answer to, so I posted it in a note for some of my friends to answer, and Madi suggested I post it on here. Thus, the following is the question I've been pondering, and I'd like some answers to it:

If you could comprehend the world through someone else's perception (Just for a day or so), getting all of their recognized and unrecognized bias and history and everything, whose perception would you want to "see" the world through? And why?


Dani said...

This may be compeltely cliche, but I owuld want to see through the eyes of a president, any president or other world leader, just of r day. I get so lost in politics, particularly in why a certain person passed this law, and not another even when one seem definitively better. I would want to see what it would be like to know other factors that the public either isn't aware of, or just doesn't put together and then what it would be like to deal with making an unpopular decision.

JuliaC. said...

I would probably want to be Vladimir Nabokov or Gabriel Garcia Marquez, mostly because I would like to be able to experience their genius. Same with being Elliott Smith or another musician I admire, just being able to participate in the thought process that produces such beauty would be amazing.

Alina Kassenbrock said...

Logic dictates that the most useful perspective to acquire for a day is that which differs the most significantly from your own in as many ways as possible, thus ensuring the widest possible range of perspectives and thereby leaving you with the largest mental capacity after the experience.
Another logical alternative is to acquire the perspective of the person with the most healthy philosophical outlook, which would ensure some benefit in the experience.