Sunday, January 13, 2008

Suicide and the Macabre

I was listening to a song from the musical Spring Awakening, and I realized that the song precedes a suicide. I began to wonder why our society is so focused on depressing and painful issues. How does society use ideas such as suicide to justify knowledge about life, and how does being exposed to these issues change the way we perceive life and death?


KellyR. said...

For me when I think about suicide, no I don't mean personally, I mean questioning why people do it, it makes me understand that I have control over my whole life and I can determine what happens, for the most part. I think that this justifies that life is all the more important and valuable to each human. My point of view of death is still scary because it very scary about the unknown and that is just how I think of it, as some sort of phobia.

bway_guy said...

So, you have to realize that Spring Awakening "brings to the table" every issue dealing with teenagers, not just suicide. That's what makes the show so great, is that it's a daring show that deals with issues like suicide and teen pregnancy. But to answer your question, I feel like society should talk about very important issues like suicide. Contrariwise, they would just be doing the "hide-and-seek" effect (i.e. I can't see the problem, so it must not be there.) So, yeah I think that society in general has been talking a lot about suicide, but I don't think that it's changing anyone's perception of life and death. If anythings changed it would be the realization that life is sooo short and a gift from whatever sort of higher being you believe in, and that we should live it to the fullest. So, yeah, that's my two cents.