Saturday, February 23, 2008

Creationism Has Been Proven

(Sorry to all of you viewing this as school because the videos won't work)

Based on the evidence given is this a PJTB? and if it is do you agree with it?


klneff said...

This is impressive-- he uses sense perseption and some stretched logic to justify the shape of the banana... yet what about the other animals that eat bananas? Why are they not considered? Besides, could that not be some hasty generalization in considering all things created by God, just because the banana alines with a folded hand?

Interesting post... it even inspired me to eat a banana. Seriously.

SamE said...

About the banana:

Wow, I haven't seen Ray Comfort so young...

Notice what he says at the end: "The whole of creation testifies to the genius of God." The operative word here is "testifies". He doesn't claim that the only explanation for the banana's characteristics is that it was designed for humans to eat, or that it "proves" the existence of God. Instead, just like witnesses in a trial, the banana's characteristics testify to a creator's provision and genius.

To classify it under our ideas, I would say that this is one example that Comfort is using to infer that God has created the world for humans to live in.

About the peanut butter:

I think the major reason this has been cut down is that it is explained at such a layman's level that people dismiss it as stupid. But there is a point they are making.

Nobel Laureate and evolutionist George Wald has offered that evolutionists should embrace spontaneous generation, and not Pasteur's rebuttal. Having rejected both spontaneous generation and special creation, you are left with nothing. The point they make here is that opening peanut butter jars provides trials to test spontaneous generation, an dhas denied it.

Lauren P said...

The fact is, though, in a jar of peanut butter is is highly unlikely (if not impossible) for evolution to occur. They make it out as if life is only a bit of matter and energy mixed together; obviously it takes the right amount of certain elements to make life. Life can't evolve out of a peice of metal - and in this video, they oversimplify evolution to this point.