Wednesday, February 13, 2008


So since it is the week of Valentines Day I figured that a love question would be appropriate. So using the WOKs explain how someone can know that they are in love. (5th hour discussed this in class in reference to the Love is a Fallacy article that we read, this can be a continuation of that discussion.) Also what role does the media play in people’s view of love?


Dani said...

This is a question where knowing yourself as a knower is imperative.
For example (as Caitlin as referenced earlier), many people have what I call the "Disney complex". The media (well, Disney really captured the market here and then it exploded) has defined being in love as a princess with "the butterflies" (and small woodland creatures cavorting at her feet as she sings), and a sense of possession (as well as sexism).

This is a question that relates to my post above (hint hint), in that I dont think we can define what love feels like, because its an exclusive sensation.

Rick_Andrews_Director said...

Many will argue that emotion is our WOK when it comes to love, you just feel that you love that person. However, I also think that reason plays a key role in whether or not we love a person. This is seen greatly when your friends ask you why you love that person. Although some simply say, "I just do..." other will at least try to give an argument as to why, usually going into certain characteristics, their personality, etc.

And then there's sense perception, I have four words for this one, "Love at first sight"...

There's more, but I think you get the picture. Everyone is going to justify their love in different ways, it's the way we justify it that's interesting!

Rick Andrews