Wednesday, February 06, 2008

The Giraffe Test

Check out the Link above...

Try "The Giraffe Test".

What does this say about you as a thinker/knower?

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susanna.w said...

I've taken this test before in a sort of joking fashion with my friends when I was in elementary school and answered all of the questions correctly when I was young but now I did tend to overthink the question, thinking it was much more complicated than it actually was. I think that by learning about the more complicated side of life, I've become a more complicated person. I've also accustomed myself to thinking about different questions differently without thinking about other questions preceding it. I've also become a much more creative thinker and become less straightforward in my thought process. Logically, the answers make total sense but to my creatively paved mind, it seems like the answers should be much more complicated.