Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Communism is good.. Yes?

If Communism is all for one and one for all, then how come people think of it as evil. And how does north korea work with Kim Jung il runnin the show?

P.S. all hail red china

- laughingcorpse

Teachers Note: Due to the way this question is worded, some of you may not initially see the relevancy. I ask those of you responding to put the TOK twist on this... How do people use the WoKs to come to personal conclusions about Communism and its role as a political system? -- Mr. Malone


Deep Chandegara said...

What does this have to do with language and perception as ways of knowing?

april said...

I agree with Deep there, this really has no relevance to TOK as presented as you have written there. I write mainly to correct your understanding of communism. In no way is it an all for one, one for all situation. Communism encourages a dedication of the self to the rest of humanity, and that no man shall have more than another. However, it is applicable to sense perception if you ask the question: WHY do so many perceive communism as an evil; what cultural influences affect our understanding of the ideals set forth by documents such as The Communist Manifesto and why won't Americans in particular attempt to understand the ideals presented?

a casnellie said...

In defense of "laughingcorpse", I think that ToK is about more than just language and perception as a way of knowing and it's perfectly applicable to ToK.

I think a big contributing factor to a lot of people's negative view of communism is the fact that there hasn't really been a successful communist society. If defining communism by Marx's manifesto, there hasn't really been a nation that's truly implemented communism, they all deviate from the original idea.

Also, a lot of socialist countries that have tried to implement a communist system have quickly turned more totalitarian than communist and, well, a ton of people of died under these regimes.

Americans in particular might not be so hot on communism because it goes against a huge part of what the US was founded on. And a lot of Americans are pretty proud of what we were founded on.

a casnellie said...

PS: According to Marx, in order for a communist system to be created, there has to be a really violent revolution. A lot of people just aren't down with that.

Cian said...

Communism in the United States is and more often, was a synonym for the Soviet Union and Stalin. This is obviously not how communism is intended. However, in order for communism to work on such a large scale, it must be highly coordinated, thus causing a single all powerful higher archy which can be easily abused. One of the major reasons why communism should work is the lack of any higher archy like this so everyone is equal in every way possible, so when you have something like the USSR it goes against everything that communism can and should be doing, because that single higher archy has essentially unlimited power.

Essentially, communism is to easily taken advantage of and humans are too susceptible to corruption for it to work properly.

devin said...

The point is not whether or not communism as a system will work or not, it is rather why we see it as evil. It is a utopian society, and as such is good by definition. Unfortunately, every time a nation has tried to implement it, it has gone awry. I think the main reason that people are so against communism is not that it won't work, just that the superpowers of the world today don't want it to work. This, in itself, makes it impossible for any society to become truly communist, because every other nation is going to do everything they can to stop it from happening.

This is also a large part of why the people of the world look down on communism. They use their emotions about things associated with communism today (death, revolution, backwards, isolated, etc.), their perceptions about how the communist system worked out in the past (badly - much dying), their knowledge of it as a system (it shows no intention of working), the ideas advertised to them by their governments (commies are evil), and their built-in tendencies due to their life in a capitalist nation (greed) to come to the conclusion that communism is obviously an evil thing and that it'll never work.
Our governments manipulate us into automatically dismissing communism, playing off our emotions and need for knowledge to market capitalism to us.

So don't submit to their will. Don't automatically dismiss communism as being unable to function. It can. It's just never been given a fair try.

GaoistProphet said...

Democracy. Oh blissful wonderful amazingly phantasmagoric democracy. Ye that can only be upheld with the tenants of individuality. Individuality that encompasses the American dream, the god-like aspirations of our noble nation and its every inhabitant. Fie communism!!! That evil demon that strives to take over your individuality, look at those radicals in Russia, dressed the same, looking the same, worshiping the same godless deity. Uphold amazing democracy, beloved democracy, endearing democracy! For the people and the people only! Down with the brainwashing methods of the communists, their radical concepts of devaluing human life to its most basic needs! Long Live Democracy!!!

devin said...

Silly capitalist "democracies". See what they do? They not only brainwash you into thinking you are actually accepted as an "individual" in their society, they PROFIT off of it. Go to church! Give them money so more people can come and give them money! Go to Wal-Mart! Give them money for the things you want! Buy a house and give other people money for telling you which house to buy! Buy, buy, buy! Sell, sell, sell! But only what we tell you to buy! Whoopee!!

Excuse me - Human individuality is now based entirely on what they have? What?!?! And that argument doesn't even hold up against communism - I hope that it was a joke - because in a communist society, everyone has anything that could make them a happier person. And what does democracy do any better than communism? Um....exploitation. Hmmmmmmmm.....
Oh, and it's not democracy in general, it's just the democracy that we - The Americans - are spreading throughout the world like the contagious disease it is. Capitalist democracy. Beurocratic, greed-driven democracy! Whoo-hoo! I mean, who doesn't like exploiting cheap labor overseas so that we can have WalMarts and get everything for a little less money?
And why on earth wouldn't everyone in the world want to be a capitalist democracy? We would be able to "help them get on their feet" and profit off of that change. Then we could make them only trade certain items with US!!!! YAY!!!

So, as I said before....

Capitalist Democracy is just anti-Communist because it would show the rest of the world how corrupt their rotting system is.

The above comment by the Prophet of Gaoism shows this quite effectively. Hopefully it was intentionally that way.