Monday, November 06, 2006

Language, how much does it cause one to stereotype?

Hi all,
as one of the people hosting the blog this week I wanted to ask, in relation to the unit of Language as a WOK, how much do you think language effects how you judge others? And is that judgment at all based off of the politics surrounding the region the language is from? How do people stereotype just based on the way one speaks or communicates (disregard race for the time being and please just focus on language even though the two are more often than not related)?

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Deep Chandegara said...

We often stereotype on how people from different countries talk. We automatically classify people into categories. if they have an accent and don't talk like an american, we assume that that person is a foreigner. some tend to associate people from different countries with their former knowledge on that particular country or region.
example: if someone has an asian accent when they speak, people associate them with their stereotype of the typical asian.
if someone has a british accent, then people usually think of tea drinking, beer drinking, rowdy cricket playing, island inhabitants.