Tuesday, November 14, 2006


I was searching around and I found a phychologist named Howard Gardner who says that there are seven different types of intelligence.
1. Linguistic
2. Logical-Mathematical
3. Bodily-Kinesthetic
4. Spatial
5. Musical
6. Interpersonal
7. Intrapersonal
How do you think these relate/compare to the four ways of knowing that we learn in TOK?
Can both models be right or are they in conflict with each other?


Wolf Man Jack said...

There is a big difference between intellegence and ways of knowing.
For example I know that 1+1=2, and that falls into the category of Logical-Mathmatical intellegence.
The system that we learn in TOK is about how we know things, the 7 forms of intellegence are how we categorize what we know.
I think the two fit well together.
Also in the version I learned there was an eighth category called "Naturalistic"

Deep Chandegara said...

I think this relates more to AoKs rather than WoK's, because you can't really use music or math or any other intelligence type listed on their as a way of knowing something. It's more of using perception, emotion, reason, and langauge to have knowledge in the 7 intelligenece types.

ELanciotti said...

I disagree though with both of you because I think that all these areas of intelligence affect the way one gains knowledge; whether it be through a more musical personality to one of more logic. It all affects the way one knows things...aka perception, language, emotions, and logic. The different background of intelligence one has affects the way you know something.