Thursday, November 09, 2006


So what I want to start a conversation about is the slang of "our generation." What I mean by that is right now in 2006 at Poudre High School what is the slang that we have developed and what do they mean? Looking at the 70s myself in our assignment I am wondering why it seems like alot of the things we say are just taken from other generations. Are we the generations of no new language? What will that become in the future?


GaoistProphet said...

Like, I dunnah but lol, this blog thing is, like, so zomgz... like, fo sho, homie.
But seriously, we totally have so much pwnage in our new language. Some think its over the top, some think its forced, some think it's the end of the english language, but srsly ppl, its just evolution.
So the next time, you hear this conversation.
Person 1) "Dude, did you just totally Al Gore that?"
Person 2)"Whoa, watch the language, you didn't just go n00b on me."
Person 3)"Fo Cereal"
Smile, nod, and contribute to the english laguage with your own made up obscenities...

Sam I Am said...

Totally disagree with winston. No, because I believe the world is progressing towards the glimmering, utopian society of technological pinnaclization, it is only logical that all language that serves an extraneous purpose be systematically but secretly filtered out. The fact that someone (such as me) does not use language for any purpose beyond clarifying the meaning of what I'm saying as well as possible shows that we have lost all artistic and creative potential and only adhere to what we can absolutely know. Slang, and other "creativity", is the mark of a mind "simple and unschooled," clinging to sorts of knowledge that are not absolute. If I had my way, we'd all be speaking in binary 0s and 1s.


But there is some considerable richness in our language (at least vocabulary) that shows how cool our generation is.
1) crack, acid, 'shrooms, coke, weed, etc.
2) truthiness, wikiality, myspace
Anyways, isn't slang the mark of "extreme" groups that refuse to subscribe to the words given to them by society? Move out of Ft. Collins and there might be new slang.

Wolf Man Jack said...

Wht make you think that our generation has no new slang? Or are you just a total n00b that gots no 1337 haz0rz skillz?
It isn't my fault you are a tool. jk, jk, you're pretty cool.
OMG did you see Lost last week. sometimes that show makes me sit down and just wonder. WTF were the producers doing when they came up with that.