Monday, December 04, 2006

Internet Slang

Ok so it's my week to "host" and I was trying to come up with a topic and when I typed some letters into the title thing sometimes there would be a suggestion, I typed jk since I was going through the alphabet and got to thinking about internet slang (achronyms specifically) so I decided to post about that. Specifically I thought I'd ask you wonderful people (out there in cyberland) how(or to what extent) internet slang has impacted/changed the level on which people interact and/or converse today.

Here's some achronyms if you're curious


a casnellie said...

This may sound really un-TOK, but I really don’t think internet slang has dramatically affected the way in which people interact today. I guess I can totally imagine a world without internet slang and it would pretty much be the same world minus a few facetious “lol”s and “jk”s. We don’t really use them when we speak and when we use them in writing (which really isn’t too terribly often, at least for me), they’re more of abbreviations for stuff because we are too lazy to press extra buttons on the keyboard.

I think the technology that we are typically using when we are using internet slang, on the other hand, has had a dramatic impact on the way in which we interact. The internet/email/instant messaging/text messaging has completely changed the amount of time that we spend interacting with each other on a personal face to face level. If we want to get in contact with someone, email seems to often be the technology of choice. I think that this technology has really de-personalized our everyday interactions and has allowed us to resort to a rather introverted method of communication. Email often has such an informal feel to it that no one really feels obligated to put any emotion/etc. into it. It’s hard to put emotion into email/im as well. Ever tried to use sarcasm in an email? It can really fail miserably.

Anyways, I ultimately think that the technology today is used as a crutch for actual person to person interaction because it has such a feeling of disconnect. There are always news stories about shy and insecure people being little extroverts online. I think that’s interesting.

Dani said...

I think that texting/IM/email has actually improved my ability to write with emotion. Ive had many people tell me that they dont text because its so impersonal, but I bleieve that as long as you knowt he person youre texting (im not sure why you wouldnt) then you can easily read the emotion that was put into a text or email.