Wednesday, December 20, 2006

"stay the course" and snow

Ok so first I just want you to know that I LOVE SNOW!!!!!!!!!!!!! Half day snowday today= amazing, full day snowday tomorrow= even more amazing, I'm going sleding, and making a snowman, and everything! but this was not really the point of my post, well it was half the point, just so I could share my love. but seriously, ok this article talks about how Bush and his administration being forced to change the language they are using about the iraq war. Tell me what you think, about both subjects!


Nate Bade said...

I think the language of politics is fascinating. It's amazing how a simple phrase like 'stay the course' can start out having such a literal, basic meaning and eventually turn in to something completely different. I know that phrase has some connotative value now that always creates a few chuckles around some of my liberal friends, but I don't recall any reactions when the topic was discussed even as recently as last year. I was interested to see Bush even stating 'stay the course' didn't really literally mean 'stay the course.' In fact, they've "never been stay the course." What?

Oh, and I love the snow as well. I'm looking forward to building an igloo in my backyard. PLEASE stay safe everyone.

Greg Nelson said...

This just goes to show how much public perception of events can change language. As Nate pointed out, the phrase has evolved from one meaning to another, but this is mainly due to how the public views the war in Iraq. Quite honestly, there has not been much recent progress in Iraq, and so now the phrase "stay the course" really has come more to describe the policy of not getting anything done.