Monday, December 11, 2006

Piss Christ

Ok, so the title is already controversial. Anyway, last year in my art class, Mrs. Lynam showed me this work called Piss Christ. Basically what it was was this guy, Andres Serrano, put a little crusifix in a jar, and filled it with his own urine... and some of his own blood. Then he took pictures and published it as art. Now I'm sure it had some artistic merit... mostly it was just controversial. But I have some questions for y'all. What is the difference between art and... well, self torture? Where do we draw the line with art? What can fly and what can't?
The main question I want to ask is... what counts as art?


Lauren said...

So, what counts as art?

I would have to say, in my opinion art is an expression of an idea that cannot be grasped and communicated through words. It contains emotion and background that only the artist truely knows but the power of the message can be felt without this prior knowledge. Art would be visual...photographs, paintings, on, as well as and drama. But it is up to the individual to classify something as art or as an insignificant piece of work. What classifies something as a piece of art is the message that lays beneath and the power that you can feel through the work.

According to society today, anything and everything is art. Such as the young girl who sold her art, as well as the piss Christ. But the piss Christ strikes me as something an individual would do in order to make an anti christianity statement. Rather than art, I would view it as a protest.

pichachoo said...

we've done the art debate a couple of times in our career at Poudre, and I think the conclusion I always choose to come to is that art for one person may not be art for another. It really depends on what you think art is. If you feel some emotion from what you are seeing, and it was created by someone, I believe it is art. Therefore, art is different for each individual.

Anneke said...

I agree with Lauren that art is emotional but I think that a protest is a product of very strong emotion. In order to protest something, the person has to have strong emotional ties as well as logical ties in order to do so effectively. Since I've heard a lot about piss Christ I can see that a lot of people have reacted to it emotionally as well. This seems to make it all the more arty. Plus, like the TOK essay topic, the subjectivity does help make a piece more interesting. So I think that art is something that can be defined as such without having to be emotional to everyone.