Monday, March 31, 2008

Olympic in China

This is an opinion article from the collegian, talking about how the olympics should not be hosted in Beijing.
Read this article, it is quiet entertaining.
Question: Do you agree with this article or not? Use the TOK terminology and understanding to support your claim.
(click on the topic title to read the article)

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SamanthaJo said...

The article is obviously very biased. There is no support, except for that hidden in sarcasm, for why China would be a good place to hold the Olympics. It seems that this article is really more about shock-value that providing a balanced argument. It throws out harsh one-liners about the alleged atrocities occurring in China that should take away its hosting rights. I am not convinced that many of these accusations are even valid on that large of a scale, because there is really no statistical information or reliable sources presented. The vicious language is what brings out the author's one-sided claim and really demonstrates his own opinion.