Friday, March 14, 2008

Questions of chance or destiny...i guess

I'm an agnostic. I know this, and have been despite many peoples attempts to sway me one way or the other.

Recently however, there are some chances or coincidences..."luck" as many people say that are just so unlikely that I start to question that maybe there is a higher force looking out force us.

Any thoughts?


katrina337 said...

...there is no proof for a higher power.

There's no proof against it.

"maybe there is a higher force looking out force us"

Is the typo intentional? Let's go psychoanalytical on this:
Either by write 'force' previously it was still on your mind and thus just misspelled it, or....
By thinking of a higher being, you think of their will being forced upon us, and it makes you feel trapped.
Or a number of other variables that I don't feel like typing.
The fact that you said 'force' instead of 'for' just struck me as strange.


Personally, I'm an atheist. No matter what happens, and the outcome, I don't believe in a higher being.

However, a theory I find interesting is we are our own gods. Maybe such a thing is true. In such a case, might we be the higher force looking out for ourselves? Could it just be our unconscious acting? Or do you feel there's more?

Ultimately, only you can decide your faith, of course. But maybe your agnosticism is still in tact, and the higher force is in a different form that you expect.

...if that made any sense at all.

Dani said...

force was intentional cause some people dont believe in gods but they believe in a system. and that was the only encompassing word i oculd think of.

but the example: a friend of ours recently had a bike wreck up around the reservoir. he had a broken neck, massive head injury and wasn't breathing when he was found. he was found a couple minutes after the wreck by an ER doc who resuscitated him since he knew how to maneuver his head with a broken neck. this was all on a frequentally untraveled road. what are the chances?

katrina337 said...

I meant the second force. 'Looking out "force" us.' The first one makes sense, the second may or may not.

The chances are quite small...however it still depends on if you choose to believe is as an act of "god" or something of that sort, or if you believe something more like it just wasn't his time to die, which isn't necessarily pointing towards a higher being or whatever.

Some people, in such circumstances, "find god"; others may continue to disbelieve, and call it a lucky day.

Is your friend okay now, though? Like, will there be long-term damage?