Friday, March 07, 2008

Universal Truth

Does universal truth exist? Or is truth based on the individual?

I'm sure we've all discussed this topic before, but now, as educated TOK students, I'm curious to know how everyone views this. With different truth tests and justifications, how do we know in which of these areas truth exists? Also, how have your opinions on this changed issue since taking TOK? Use examples!


Dani said...

I don't think that there is one universal truth.

Well, if there is it would have to be of the "no duh" sort, not the profound, deep meaning that seems to be the expectation.

Dani said...

whoa sorry, i didn't mean to not finish that.

I think this because logically, there isn't one thing that every single person in this country unanimously agrees on, much less the entire world and universe; therefore there cant be one universal truth.

Along with that there are so many variations on what "truth" is exactly that I see no way for there to be one that everyone agrees with.

and that was amazingly repetitive, sorry

katrina337 said...

Well...that kind of depends on if you're basing it off of a relativist truth or absolutist truth.

Cuz theoretically, both can be universal....but if it's relativist people just don't have to believe it.

I mean, if you look at our truth tests, plenty of things can be universal truths, because they're tested and tried and...we're aware of our existence. But truth can be disproven.
And overarching universal truth that will never change? I doubt it. We change our minds too much.