Sunday, March 30, 2008

Universal Healthcare

So in the last week, one of the most interesting IA Presentations (in my opinion) was on universal healthcare in the United States. The group who presented were enthusiastic about their topic, and there wasn't much time for a full discussion. So, I figured it would be in order to continue the topic here. When speaking about the topic, it seems as if it is one that attracts fallacies more often than others. The ones I frequently note being "special pleading", "Two Wrongs Make a Right", and "Guilt By Association"- this last one applying to political figures and insurance companies. What are some of your thoughts on the issue?

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katrina337 said...

I think the arguments for universal health need some major revisions. I mean, sure, universal healthcare is a great idea; but I think the means through which we want to achieve aren't highly realistic at this point and we need to re-evaluate how to do such a thing, especially in the short time period that has been proposed. I think these issues lend themselves more easily to people slipping into fallacies as support, because it needs to sound that good to be believable enough for people to buy it, whereas other more practical arguments don't need as many fallacies.