Tuesday, October 10, 2006


Ok, so I was watching "Egypt: Engineering an Empire" last night, and it got me thinking. How were the pyramids built? I know this sounds like an engineering question but, really, how? There are no records to give soild proof, so we are left down to perceptions. How do we personally think it was done?
For me, i say Aliens. Stargate was proof enough for me, but what do you think, and why?


Deep Chandegara said...

I would say that the slaves built them, because it's the only theory we have to go on. This is what history teaches us: that the pharoes enslaved thousands of people and made them drag pieces of stone to build the pyramids. But you can't claim it as knowledge because you don't really KNOW that this is how the pyramids were built (too bad they didn't have video cameras back then). and since we can't claim it as knowledge, you can argue almost any crazy theory about how they were built. So, the theory that the slaves built it is just as valid as Wolf's theory that the aliens came through the Stargate® built the pyramids.

If you're really bored and are totally psyched about Egyptians and their pyramids go to these sites:



Vvyynn said...

I'd have to agree with Deep here, that the pyramids were built by slave labour (Oh No! It's the English spelling! Get used to it). As much as I'd like to believe it was because of the stargate, Logic and experience tells us otherwise.
If aliens built the pyramids, it wouldn't fit into our perfect little cookie cutter view of the universe (i.e We are great), and also chances are that the aliens would have left something behind. Experience says that: Other things were built with slave labour (the greeks, romans, etc.); thus, the pyramids have to be.

Deep Chandegara said...

I'm going to disagree just because I can. I believe that the aliens built the pyramids. Historians conclude that the slaves built them, but they can't prove it; they're basing their claim on logic and experience, but their may be a flaw in their logic or they may have false experience. Since they can't prove anything, they can't disprove that the aliens built the pyramids. And just because everyone believes pyramids were built by the slaves, doesn't make it the truth. Therefore, there is a possibility that the aliens could have built them.

Vvyynn said...

I never said that there wasn't a possibility, that's a very definite possibility. Another very definite possibility is that they were built by slaves. Another is that they sprung out of the ground because God was bored and decided that we'd have fun with this one later in history. Or maybe they just sprung out of the ground.

In fact, yes. The Pyramids are simply carved out tectonic plates. Now, the only question is WHO carved out the tectonic plates? Now, we could go ahead and assume that the slaves carved them out, but once again I'm going to disagree. I say that the tectonic plates were carved out by a series of insects, who used the pyramids as large convention centers for their Bugcon's or ampitheatre for their productions of Samuel Bugget's Bugreathe, or a congress halls for the difficult decisions of the bug world. Now, you may say that the pyramids are far too big to only house bug mettings. Well, keep in mind that the word "bug" implies many creatures: Insects, Arachnids, Crustaceans, etc. And there are many cliches to the bug world: The flies don't want to sit next to the arachnids or to the mantises, and don't get me started about the clams.

At any rate, this theory is about as valid as any other, simply because we don't have any proof. Thus the knowledge of the pyramids belongs to us, based on the three tests. Well, don't let this kill the conversation.

NGaebler said...

But knowledge comes from properly justified true beliefs so I feel that while their is a chance that the pyramids were carved out tectonic plates used for bug congress, the chances are so infetsimly small as to make it insignificant unless some proof was brought forth. I see the pyramids being build by some form of human labor be it slave or otherwise and based on our understanding of the Egyptians.

A. Koss said...

1) Why would an alien civilization with technology beyond our wildest dreams travel millions of light years from far distant stars just to build a big pile of rocks with a dead pharoh inside?
2) Is it easier to develop technology beyond our wildest dreams and travel millions of light years from far distant stars, or order around a bunch of lackeys?
3) Any insects large enough to carve out tectonic plates would have made a light snack out of the human race a long time ago.

What now, Vvyynn?

The simplest explanation is usually the correct one. Your more complicated explanations involving aliens, giant bugs, and pancakes introduce a lot of variables, whose veracity must be taken in faith.
Considering there is a lot more substantial evidence and logical explanations for the pyramids being built by slave labor, I would say that that theory is correct.

Vvyynn said...

The bugs weren't giant bugs, A., they were just bugs. Don't be silly.

Wolf Man Jack said...

If a civilization was so advanced as to be able to travel million of lightyears across the galaxy, or intergalactic space then why not build a big pile of rocks? At that point you can do anything you dream of, because your technology has advanced far enough. Maybe one day one of them said, "You know what would be cool, if we messed with the minds of some of these poor, underdeveloped things, and built a giant pile of rocks, and stick one of them in it! That'd be so awesome! Let's do it!" and so they did. If they were able to travel the stars then this would be done in the blink of an eye, why not do it? If not just for kicks and giggles.

Shayden said...

Assuming the alien theory is true and that aliens are developed beyond our wildest dreams, the distance may be no big deal for them, as Wolf said. Maybe the millions of light years for them would be the distance a human would gladly drive to get a taco or something according to alien perception. As for dumping a pile of rocks in the middle of the desert for kicks and giggles, it wouldn't be unlikely. Look at us--we're relatively developed and we still find pleasure in building sand castles at the beach. Heck--we have competitions especially for that and award a year's supply of Maui onion potato chips and equally frivoulous prizes to the one who builds the biggest and best sculpture (I wonder what one would win if they could duplicate the Pyramids of Giza?). Maybe the pyramids are the products of little alien children on holiday!

All that aside, I agree with Abby. Slaves are the most practical answer.

Vvyynn said...

Ooh! TOK!

Okay, so let's get to the bottom of this and proove either one to be knowledge. Pragmatic: We have already claimed (or at least Shayden and A have) that slaves are practical.

Now let's move on to Coherence and Correspondence.
Have we experienced slaves building the pyramids? Have we seen this? Have we felt it? NO. We have absolutely no experience to conclude that slaves built the pyramids.
Also, slaves building pyramids. Does that fit into any philosophy? If it important who built them or why they were built? No. No it's not, the pyramids are there, and that's that. It will not change anything if we find out that insects or aliens or slaves built them.

Thus, the slave theory has failed two of the tests, and thus Slaves buiding the pyramids is not Knowledge.

Well, I feel productive.

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