Monday, October 16, 2006

The Elusive Truth

Ok, so this is the question.

Can one culture or area of the world or even one era, for that matter, claim to have more knowledge than another culture/area/era because more of their beliefs are properly justified???

For example, while one culture may only be able to base their beliefs off of instinct or what was believed in the past, does that make those beliefs less justifiable than a culture that can justify theirs with techonology, scientific investigation, etc., maybe even in addition to instinct and the like?

Does this tie into personal vs. descriptive justifications? does that descriptive knowledge have to count for the whole world, for all time (is that what Truth is??) or just for the era, the locality?

Does that mean we are moving any closer to the Truth as we go along and gather more means of proper justification?

Does your head hurt yet?


Deep Chandegara said...

Well, it depends on what you want to consider as belief. If you say that belief is how we defined it in our class, then there are infinetly many beliefs I could have that are properly justified. In our class, we defined belief as "our maps of reality" "belief is the foundational to who you are"
by this definition, pjtb's include:

"I believe i exist"
"i believe i am indoors now"
"i believe m,n,o,p are consecutive letters in the english alphabet."
"I believe 999! is less than 1000!"
"I believe 1 is less than 2"
"I believe 2 is less than 3"
"I believe 3 is less than 4"
"I believe 4 is less than 5"
I could go on and on....

So, every culture holds these beliefs to be true. Therefore, it is possible for a culture to have an infinite amount of pjtb's. If a culture has an infinite amount of pjtb's, that doesn't necessarily make them more knowledgeable than other cultures.

Vvyynn said...

Also, bridging off of what Deep said, an era can also not have more knowledge than another. Knowledge is a PJTB, thus the primary way of proving something to be knowledge is by justifying it. Justification can happen in many ways, and I believe that each era had the same amount of knowledge than the last one. Yes, in our generation now, we have computers and the internet and science; This means nothing. We have new ways of justifying, not new "Knowledges". The concept of "more knowledge" is also flawed, as Deep has said PJTB's are endless, and thus you can't have more than endless.
Anyhoo, that's my rant. How many posts have I ended with that? Hmmm. Oh well.