Monday, October 30, 2006

Senses and Stories

Richard Gregory, author of The Intelligent Eye, quotes, "How far are human brains capable of functioning with concepts detached from sensory experience?" This question goes about a million years back to when we first received the "Seeing Things" handout from K.C. Cole's First You Build a Cloud. There have been many similar posts concerning this subject matter, but now that we have started creating stories, have your views changed? Suppose that the only sensory contact you were able to have (ever) was when you heard the music for the story assignment. How would your story be different? Could you create a story at all?


Vvyynn said...

Ha Ha! I'm back! From possibly the grave! FEAR ME ONCE MORE FOOLISH BLOGGERS, FOR NOT EVEN OKLAHOMA! CAN STOP ME!!! answer questions on here, yes? Yes. Question: Could we make a story using only music? Yes. Yes, of course we can. Going back to my definition of art (which was probably pasted over and forgotten) Art is a story. Music tells a story, all music does from Ruffi to The London Symphony Orchestra. This story can be simple (Puff the Magic Dragon lived by the sea), or complex (Mars, the roman God of war, is fighting a battle alongside Jupiter for control over the galaxy). Thus, we can most definitly write a story using entirely music. Also, let's not forget the blind or other sensory deprived. They can still make stories. All you need for a story is thought, and unless you count this as the "six sense", then you can almost always make a story.

Well, I think that was comprehensible. Bye Bye

*jenna* said...

Yeah i agree. I think that most, if not all music tells a story. I don't play any instruments but i do dance...a lot! I think it's similar because when i go to choreograph a dance or just dance from the heart it tells my story. A good dancer can tell a story and express emotion to the point that the audience should be able to interpret the story as well. If a good musician writes a piece of music i think that it should be able to share the same type of story. The problem is that every person can interpret it different. Why?... well because I’ve found that when i like a song or dance it's because i can relate to its message. Maybe not relate exactly the same as the author, but i relate it to my life. Like the song Breath says, "and these words are my diary screaming out loud and i know that you'll use them however you want to...". The song represents events in her life but the events are general enough that her audience can also relate. There for the story of the song goes on even if it has a slightly different interpretation and meaning. I don’t know if that made sense and how much it has to do with TOK I just thought it was an interesting idea. I also want to ask the question, what other arts besides music and dance can this theory apply to? I know being IB nerds that someone has to have something! Ha Ha!