Sunday, October 29, 2006

my two left feet

In the movie my two left feet he used his feet to paint, do you think the significance of these paintings changed the more he learned about life? For example after the painting for the girl was returned, do you think that changed any of his beliefs?


Vvyynn said...

Well, golly, *Jenna*, what you have to know is that not everyone has seen this movie. SO, I could just let the Purithians speak on this one, but that wouldn't be very Vvynnian, now would it?

So, Can significance in paintings, or let's just make it art in general, change with life?

Yes. Yes, it most definitly can. Various films I have seen have become all the more better because I now have enough experience to understand more of it. Likewise, the more you learn about an artistic movement, the more you are able to enjoy it.

Well, I think this has answered the question for me. Vvynn out.

RKadlec said...

Wasn't it "My Left Foot"? Ah well.
I do think the significance of his paintings changed throughout his life the more he learned. For example, when he was just learning how to write, he only knew the scope of his family and how they learned. As he became older, he realized there's an entire other world beyond the world he knew.
After the painting was returned to him by the girl, I'm sure he felt defeated and his view on life changed.

kelly said...

yes. i think that the signigigance of his paintings changed as he learned more about the world. I think that as he learned how to communicate he was able to communicate what he saw through his paintings.

april said...

I believe art is a learning experience for every person involved. The viewer must gain an understanding of the artist themself in order to truly "get" the work or what the message is. So, in terms of My Left Foot, the girl who returns the painting learns that Christy has a heart and does experience feelings of love and compassion, something she may have otherwise remained unaware of. In terms of the artist's learning, he/she end up learning something new about him/herself in order to make a work truly moving. The artist must look inward at themself to find out what is so important to them that they make a work of art based upon that belief. So, in a way, Christy's rejection of a girl, whom he found incredibly meaningful to himself, his priorities and beliefs about love changed. Christy's view on love was altered in that his expression was not meaningful to someone else.