Monday, October 09, 2006

The love-pancake theory


Alright, now that I've got that out of my system, let's move on. For my first post, I would like to present you all with a game. This game, for simplicities sake, will be called "The Love-Pancake theory". Below are three rules. These rules are the only truths we have, these are the only things we know. However, you may add new rules during the course of the game. You may add a new rule by proving it to be true, and by having three more people agree than disagree with this rule.

1) Love is blind
2) Love= ♥
3) Love will keep us together.

Thus, given the rules above, your task is this: Diiscuss wether or not the picture below is love. Remember: If you wish to disproove this as love, you must either prove it is not through the rules above, or create a new rule that proves it is not. No new rule can directly contradict another, i.e there cannot be a rule stating "Love can see". However, there can be a rule that shows the picture is not love, i.e "Love is a battlefield".

I've either confused you all and no one will post on this, or this will work out to my own devious plan and we will have people arguing about wether or not love is a heart-shaped pancake.


car said...

For starters i would just like to say that that took me the longest time to understand and i had to read it about 4 times to get what you were saying. but after i thought about it it made sense. So to respond i would like to say that according to the 3 rules you gave the picture would be love. Ok so neither peaches, sausage, or pancakes can see making them blind = love. The pancake is shaped like a heart &heart; = love. And breakfast brings families together = love. So according to those rules the picture is love. However i would like to add a new rule. Love is complicated. So going off of that rule which hopefully will become a rule this picture is not love because it is simple a pancake, sausage, and some peaches. So there you go. Pancake, sausage, peaches = L-O-V-E!!!!!!!

Wolf Man Jack said...

I, however am going to add on to car. The chemical reactions involved in making said pancake, are complicated, therefore chemestry = love. Cooking is a form of chemestry, because it involves putting mixed ingredeints together and changeing htem so they are something new, so Food = Chemestry. A pancake is equal to food, because food is anyhting made from carbohydrates, protien and fats. so Pancake = food
therefor my new law is:
Pakcake = food = chemestry = complicated = love.
or, simplifies into three unified laws:
Pancake = love
Food = love
Chemestry = love

april said...

I want to go in a different direction with this post. In Crime and Punishment the character Razumihin is talking to his companion Zossimov about marriage, "There's an attraction here-here you have the end of the world, an anchorage, a quiet haven, the navel of the earth, the three fishes that are the foundation of the world, the essence of pancakes, of savory fish-pies, of the evening samovar, of soft sighs and warm shawls, and hot stoves to sleep on-as snug as though you were dead, and yet you're alive-the advantages of both at once!"Ta-da! Here, love is made manifest by the physical peace and other benefits that arise from marriage. It does not address the fact that love can be wonderful without these physical benefits. However,in the quote, Razumihin states that one of these benefits is the essence of pancakes-using your picture, that love can be reflected by pancakes, especially when theyre heart-shaped and made with chocolate chips. I believe that if anyone takes the time early in the morning to make you those special pancakes, cook sausage, and prepare fresh fruit, you can not say that you will not leave the other person and you always should be together. As far as love being blind, that quote is not addressed, unfortuantely. But even still, why can it only be that love must be based on pleasing appearances? Love must be blind to the others' faults, or else changes in character or appearance would undermine the whole concept of true love. In connection to the picture, love would see past the slightly burned pancake to the entire image of a true care of the other person.

Vvyynn said...

Alright, first I'd like to thank you all for posting. Second: The rule of "Love is Complicated" has not been added yet. It hasn't even been justified as to why love should be considered complicated, also we haven't recieved three votes for adding this as a rule (Yes, it hardly matters because the pnacake would still be love, however you must follow the rules).

Well, keep on posting.

Shayden said...

Hmm...Love is complicated because it is a reciprocal action where multiple parties are involved. Said parties will always have some difference of opinion, and even perception of love will not exactly align with perceptions of the others involved, making it an imperfect concept. Because it is imperfect, it cannot be completely understood, or at least easily comprehended, making it complicated.

Also, love=change and love=growth. When has love, one benefits, suffers heartbreak, or both. In any case, one EXPERIENCES, signfying change by never being able to return to one's previous condition or innocence, which signfies growth from knowledge gained through these experiences. This is much like the appealing pancake breakfast Vinni has displayed. By consuming the food, one gains nutrients and will never be able to fully rid the body of whatever change the food has caused (change). A wholesome meal like this also causes the rejuvination of the body, which replaces cells when necessary or physical growth, depending (growth).

Therefore, love=change, love=growth, love=pancake.

Vvyynn said...

Woah Woah Woah, hold on a second Shayden. You're making all sorts of truth claims and expecting us to see this as true? Why? I see nothing about love being a relationship in the rules. Love= ♥
. That's all we know right now as to any physical being of love. We can't just assume that this is a relationship. You're going to have to prove that before I even CONSIDER adding the rule that love is complicated. Or even that love is growth and change. Also, your basing your knowledge off of things that haven't even been proven to be true. No three people have agreed that love is complicated, thus it's not a rule. Please, Justify.

Shayden said...

If I justified why love is a relationship, according to your rules, would that make love is complicated valid if one other person agreed (car first suggested it, I agree, so one more person is needed??)?

Your third rule is "Love will keep us together". Doesn't that imply a relationship, assuming the statement is in referencee to the bonding of more than one party?

Vvyynn said...

Alright, I believe that love being an interaction can count as a new rule. However, we still need more votes. One more, I would believe. So let's see if we can make progress in this game.