Thursday, November 29, 2007

Harvard IAT

Simple Question...

What did you learn about yourself when considering the Harvard IAT results?
What do you think this activity says about perception as a way of knowing?


CaitlinCeara said...

I found it a bit innacureate. If you were just learning or talking about one thing you may have a preference for it. Also I know when I took the tests I would get nervous becaue I would realize that I was starting to hit the good bad button accidentally when it was something I liked. I think that if one goes into these not knowing what they are about it gives much better results than ours because we already knew too much for it to be truly accureate.

Mr. Pseudonym said...

I think that in this exercise, as in all such self-test experiments, you must proceed with a grain of salt.

As far as the skewing of the results goes, I have taken several of the tests multiple times, and always with the same outcome, regardless of topics of conversation, nervousness, etc.

katrina337 said...

Not much, actually.

I know myself. I know who I hate, I know who I do not hate.

A lot of the tests I did horribly on because they kept switching the sides of things, and then I'd forget to make myself switch which button to push, so I would get several wrong in a row.
On the tests in which I did this, it generally said I had a stronger dislike towards that group of people.

I don't think it really says much about perception as a way of knowing. It used sight, and I suppose a bit of touch. But I'm not sure it actually effected anything.

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