Thursday, November 29, 2007

Judge me not, oh rightous one!

My question is simple: Who is a better judge of psychological and sociological problems? Is it better to try and self diagnose, or is it better to have a professional do it?
Please remember to justify your answers.


katrina337 said...
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katrina337 said...

Sorry about the above. My bad. Moving on.

Am I biased? Completely.
But really. All those years ago when things went wrong, I figured out what was wrong with me long before the doctors did. Which would have saved a couple thousand dollars and a few medications had people listened to me rather than a bunch of rambling people who had no idea what was actually going on.

Well...sociological problems maybe more to professionals. Depending. For analyzing society and societal problems people need to be able to view everything, especially themselves, objectively and subjectively, in order to make it work. In my opinion. I think it's most effective in such a case.

With psychological problems, I think it's generally up to the person to decide if they really have something or not, and what it is if they do. If you have a really good psychiatrist/psychotherapist, then maybe it'll still work well. But they'd have to be someone you actually trusted, wouldn't they? And most people (yay generalizations that might be way off) who need the help, don't trust people terribly openly. Wouldn't that decrease the amount that they can help you?
I think some people have the inability to help themselves, in which case a psychiatrist would be most effective. But for someone with large amounts of self-awareness, I don't think it's necessary in most cases.

Based on....experience?