Thursday, November 08, 2007

What AI is

What really is AI?

Ok so i know this sounds like a really nerdy question and i know this is 100% nerdy but what really is AI? Sure many people believe in the fact we have AI right now that is true. But what really is determined as an Artificial Intelligence? Something that can "auto-pilot" and maybe drive your car around is NOT considered an AI. If you think about it the "auto-Pilot" function is just a group of scripts in which is bunched up and used to determine the if|{x=Then statements. Theres also a difference between a Strong AI and a Weak AI. A strong AI is what many science fiction novels and ideas come off from. Its that function that the computer can have human-like characteristics and would have a knowledge capacity as big as the human brain or maybe even bigger. The whole idea of AI is actually a very gray area, in which could be defined as either Strong, Weak, or isn't an AI.

What do you guys think?

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Rachel said...

i personally believe that artificial intelligence (true intelligence, not a really well programmed computer) is impossible. One truly important aspect of intelligence is bias. Intelligent beings are biased beings, but in keeping these biases in perspective, and maintaining an awareness of them, the intelligent being can sift knowledge from bias in the search for truch. Machines have to have the information entered into them - they cannot a level of knowledge greater than that of their creator. They just seem to in some cases because they can perform functions at a faster rate, or hold all that "knowledge" in one place. The difference between intelligence and a machine, though, is that an intelligent being comes to conclusions based on all that they percieve through the five senses, coupled with personal biases. A machine cannot be biased by emotion, experience, religion, or any other justifications of knowledge. Therefore, they do not justify their knowledge, and do not know.

klneff said...

I agree with Rachel but am going to take it even further. She brings up the idea that machines cannot justify their means as they cannot be bias such as with emotion, and truly, how would you label that for a machine? Hypothetically we have a machine right, and it has "artificial intelligence." It is able to know math, proper grammer, foreign languages, rocket science, whatever, exceeding the levels of human beings. Yet, someone originally had to program the robot to begin its journey in gathering knowledge. Assuming AI has emotion, which is implied often by the science novels, how would one originally program the robot to recognize something such as... hate? or love? Both when considered fully, are extremely complex. There are so many other emotions that feed into these two, and hate and love feed into others...for instance, sensuality? Can robots feel sensuality? Because if they are going to exceed human knowledge capacity, there is an area in which they struggle. Sensuality also feeds into so much more... violence, love? Creativity? It could also be considered instinct; a biological drive that leads to reproduction. Would they have the instinct, because they originated from humans...It's endless. It seems impossible to me that a machine could ever truly exceed the knowledge capacity of a human being.