Monday, November 19, 2007

A Picture is Worth a thousand Words and Secrets?

Read this Article on three sets of controversial photos that "have defined this war so far." Its very interesting to see the controversial topics regarding the war and seeing them through photographs (to be interpreted) instead of just media garble. This article gives a more realistic perspective on the war and shows how much the American people don't even know. As we have been talking about in class, how do these pictures personally affect you prior to reading the article? After reading the article, to what extent is it true? How does the media's bias and limitations of knowledge on the war affect us? Explain...
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~Janessa Malisani


Clementine said...
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Clementine said...

Well, prior to reading the article, I wasn't surprised: these are things I've come to expect to see in the media because of the war. Mostly negative propaganda and such. But after you read the article, you get a little taste of what's really not being shown to you. Personally, that sickens me. Why would you hide information from your own people about things that are happening to people they know and love? I won't get into that, though. It's true that most, if not all, of what we see in the media is manipulated to get a certain reaction out of us, in this case, mostly support for change in Iraq. But we don't see the images that they don't want us to see: images of American soldiers doing things that we would find wrong, or Iraqi civilians being treated wrongly. We don't see any of that because they (meaning the government) do not want us to see it, because it could put a dent in their control over us. On top of this, all of the bias and limited knowledge of the media gets transferred over in the news we hear and the pictures we see. They don't know any better, so they can't pass on that knowledge to us, because they don't have it in the first place. It really makes you think about what we know. What if all of what we think we know is wrong, solely because it was transmitted to us through a biased, limited source?

Clementine S.

Janessa M said...

I agree Clem. I think that everything in the media in some way is wrong. It is so limited because of language, geographic location, bias, whats confidential and not, etc. Its sickening and sad to see what our government is doing. What would happen if the government were to tell us everything though? How would U.S citizens and international citzens residing in the U.S react?

J.Malone said...