Friday, November 09, 2007

I just have this feeling . . .

What role does intuition play in our everyday life? In your life? How much should be really trust our intuition over logic, reason, authority, or experiance? how does intuition relate to sense perception? How does this relation affect the way we act and react? What are knowledge issues surrounding intuition?

Sorry I know that there are alot of questions there, but pick whichever you like. The ones about sense perception are most relevant to the class :)


Rebecca said...

First of all, does intuition have to contradict logic, reason, or experience? When I use intuition, it usually isn't just out of the blue. It'll most likely be based on other evidence that points in that general direction. As far as sense perception goes, it's probably the most motivational force that drives intuition. Together, the two can be a very effective team. If I see something and then I have intuition to back it up, then I doubt anyone would be able to disprove to me that it was there. That can be a bad thing becuase sense perception is often limited. If what I think I'm percieving is false, yet I still intuitively believe it, I'll go on believing it even though it's not true

katrina337 said...

Intuition is most of the basis of my being. (Self-awareness). I think a lot of us use intuition more than we think about it, as most impulsive decisions are based off of either instinct or intuition, or both.

I agree with Rebecca that it isn't necessarily putting intuition over logic, experience, etc. They work together quite well. But I do think that intuition can be trusted sometimes more than logic because logic generally proves to be more flawed. With intuition you inherently know it, and with logic you actually have to follow a process that won't necessarily work for each situation and can be followed wrongly.
That being said, intuition could be biased, since it's based on subconscious observations of the society around you.

I think intuition is based on sense perception. Everything your intuition tells you have been deduced from what you've gathered, through your senses, about everything around you. It would then provide a somewhat familiar background in order to know better how to handle a situation.

Dani said...

Fantastic post Sierra, thank you.

in 7th period at any rate, many people are agreeing that "art" is all about intuition (I wont even get into what art is, good or bad art intent, etc.) Someone likes something based on their background, many consider art appreciation to be intuition, much like in the 60 minutes broadcast; the two art "experts" who said it didnt "feel" like a pollock.

sorry for that, its just that art as a topic has been the most volatile and has upset the most people so far.

otherwise, i read gift of fear after it was talked about in class, and the author says that intuition is actually just subconscious experience. is this true?

sarah lee said...

The wise are instructed by reason, average minds by experience, the stupid by necessity and the brute by insticnt. See the link below for more info.