Sunday, September 03, 2006

Baby Geniuses

The other day I happened to mosey into a gallery and saw a work of art that consisted of a cut-out of a moose stapled to a piece of canvas going for about $6,500. I do not pretend to be a connoisseur of art but I couldn't help but think that a kindergartner could produce something equally impressive, if not more so. It led me through a series of random questions. Do average children have just as much genius as adults? Who defines genius? What is it? Is it naturally bestowed on an individual or can one work for it?


Merry_Dip_Salad_Bunny said...

Sara, you posed such an interesting and excellent question! :)
Over many ponderings i have come up with many possible answers to your question.

Perhaps on a more Freudian level, if this isnt too freaky, adult humans find the art of children so amazing because adults feel that children are their primary responsibility, children are their life in some cases. Like a mother may quit working to raise her children, and the parents in a family are making money to feed and host the mind of the child. They nurture it and appreciate a child for what it is and how it thinks and such things. So it wouldn't be surprising that adult art connoisseurs would take a profound interest in art that looks like it was made by little kids. Perhaps it is instinctively acceptable, but not as acceptable on a basis of mastered techniques or quality, from a certain type of modern art criticist's point of view.

The second possibility is that perhaps there are no rules in art. There is no right or wrong, nothing can be labeled better than another work, just as you can't compare two different and unrelated art styles to eachother. An example of two things that are uncomparable might for example be Picasso's cubistic works vs. Michelangelo's classical art pieces. Of course not all art may be about technique anymore these days, and a lot of criticists of art will be into more classical and objective art, rather than into random cubism, but maybe cubists and other such newer art movements are challenging the boundaries of art, and making bold statements, and that is why they are recognized.

And now to answer your last question... What makes a genius?
Well...its like that saying goes... beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Same with genius. You are labeled a genius if someone thinks you are a genius. Sara, i think you're a genius. so therefore you are a genius. I need to back it up with proof on why now. Why you are a genius? because you have taken a great look into art and deepened my thoughts. thankyou.

Shayden said...

Awww, Mer...You're so sweet! Thank you. :) And many thanks to Mr. Malone for presenting the Marla Olmstead bit!

In the LA Weekly it mentioned that Marla Olmstead's work is "restlessly inventive and experimental", presumably giving her the air of genius. As an adult, could invention and experimentation be more difficult when personalities have been molded and one becomes "set" in his or her ways? By adulthood we have a concept of judgement, which may limit what would might have been creative freedoms. We work to create positive opinions in others of our products and ourselves. I believe innocence plays a large part in the potential of genius because when one is unaware of what expectations should be met, one is free to do anything and fully explore one's creativity, and thus present fresh, innovative (and maybe even ingenius!) ideas.

Vvyynn said...

I would have to agree with the bunny, or at least on example two. You cannot define art. As I've been ranting elsewhere, art is everywhere, art is everything, art is nowhere, art is nothing. What you think isn't art (I.e the moose) another person might buy simply because it is a moose stapled to a piece of canvas. Also, it is true genius is defined by others. If I say I am a genius and I convince myself on this, but no one else thinks it, ever, then I won't be a genius. Of course, this is the public genius, the genius that'll go down in history. Let's go to another example. We have just stated that you, Sarah, are a genius for asking this question. What will make you the concept of "genius". This, I believe, might be able to be determined simply by yourself. To achieve the conceptual genius, you must believe without a shadow of a doubt that you are a genius. Then, you will be a genius in your own little fishbowl. Outside of the fishbowl, you may not be a genius, however to you you are, and that is what matters for the conceptual genius. Well, I think I've royally confused everyone (including myself!), so I'll stop now. Good Day.

Vvyynn said...

Incidentally, How'd they get enough money to fund a second movie? Wasn't the first one terrible? Meh. Oh well.

Vvyynn said...

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Vvyynn said...

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