Monday, September 11, 2006

Canada has a battleship?!

I thought everyone might find this interesting. Most Americans (especially most people in highschool) have never once heard of Canada being in the news, or perhaps they just don't care, because, for crying out loud, its Canada! And what is even more interesting is that Canada has a battleship! I have two links for this... a satirical one and an actual news source.

Really you may be wondering "what is her point?!" Or maybe you just didn't know that Canada DOES go to war? well my point is to question our understanding of modern countries around us. We need to ask ourselves, 'am i really paying enough attention to the news? am i an educated being?'
And really more in depth, if you dont feel like reading the article or are for some reason unable to, why do we have so much fun joking about Canada, eh? How come we don't know anything about the countries that are directly above and below us, more specifically, how can we joke about it if we know almost zip about it? its as if we dont take an interest. Because nothing's interesting!

Links to learn about Canada:
The second link is for entertainment and to get you interested in the issue. i highly recommend reading the second link, its my favorite.

Another intriguing question to ask ourselves is 'what are satirists up to these days, and how are our actions affecting what they choose to satirize?'

Hope this gets you into satire! If not, I hope that it makes you think about Canada so that it doesnt disappear from the face of the Earth.

Meredith Salimbeni


Merry_Dip_Salad_Bunny said...

Well since nobody is responding...
I'd first of all like to point out that our country seems to revolve around the media. We know only what dances in front of our faces for us on a 72 inch color screened projector monitor.
Also, our minds are made up of what we know or hold in our data banks, for lack of a better word.
So since nothing in the news has come up about canada in...quite some time, or Canada has not been in teh front page in ages, I have not been intrigued to read about Canada's news. Is this a somewhat reasonable occurance?

I would like to point out that we are all succumbing to the pragmatic style of justification, perhaps we just know things because they are convenient?

Perhaps we all need to use our resources.

Jon Mohr said...

In response to: "I would like to point out that we are all succumbing to the pragmatic style of justification, perhaps we just know things because they are convenient?"

That is the purpose of knowledge. Think about it, why else would one strive to learn or gain knowledge; because it becomes immediately useful or becomes useful in the future. The need to learn is not based in any other relm other than convenience.

I would also like to point out that there is no pragmatic style of learning. We learn things as truth, which may be justified through that style, but is nevertheless not learned through a pragmatic approach.

Merry_Dip_Salad_Bunny said...

But does it not seem convenient that Canada is right above us? Is it not convenient to know things about Canada now that may be useful in the future?

(In reply to Jon Mohr)

Vvyynn said...

I. I. I. I. I. I. Capital I denotes you as a person "i" is an imaginary number meaning the square root of -1. You mean to be using I. God's sake, just for that I'm not posting on this today.

I. I. I. I. I.

Big E said...

Well, I am slightly confused with this question. I know plenty about Canada, and I get it all from news sources. I personally find your generalization that we don't know anything about canada as unthruthful. Also, even if we do knwo less about canda than other countries, we have less reason to know things about Canada because we are so friendly with them. Read some Sun Tzu sometime.

Merry_Dip_Salad_Bunny said...

well sorrrrrryyyyy!!! ok ok ok ok I I I I I I (thats for you, vynni!) I I I I stink at coming up with really really debatable topics, i just thought that the battleship from canada satire was really funny. you should read it. I'm so done arguing for a point that i dont really support. lol

Vvyynn said...

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1337zor, g2g,byby

Merry_Dip_Salad_Bunny said...

I'm sorry but that was so uncalled for! You read the blog rules!

Vvyynn said...

About me. or about E, or...? Sorry, but while we're talking about language elsewhere on the site, I'm going to rant about a Greoning concept. I believe that IM is slowly destroying our language, and soon we'll be communicating via "lol" "Jk" "rotfl", etc. Thus, I find it my duty to keep some dignity alive in the English language, at least while I'm alive. Mark twain/Samuel Clemmens would be rolling in his grave.

P.S: I don't necessarily care if "rotfl" is an actual IM phrase.

Big E said...

It is not "destroying" the language, it is merely changing it. All slang and colloquialisms gain acceptance at some point. I'm sure there are people who thought the typewriter would "destroy" the language. What you are waging is a useless war against harmless change.

Vvyynn said...

Alright, have your own view. I can see with your eyes, and I think you can see with mine. I personally feel it is more than a certain change in writing instruments, it's causing language to be a series of letters and numbers thrown together. If you wish to discuss this further, start a new post.