Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Is it possible to have ESP?

Hey I was wondering about things, as one often does. Well not normally but today was an odd day, so i was wondering, can knowledge come in other ways than observed? Can intuition be a 50% accurate source of knowledge or is it completely nonexistant?

Is it possible to know or think about something before it happens, and not really believe anything yet about what is to come, but still have ideas in your head about the outcomes that you think are most possible, and then what if it happens? Do you have ESP or is this knowledge just out of your intuition? Is it knowledge? what is it?!

For instance... Before today, i was thinking about the musical auditions, which, I tried out. I was thinking, negatively, that i wouldn't make it in, even though some people told me i did great. But, as it turned out, i didn't make it into the musical.

Thus we have the question: Can preconceived thoughts about an outcome influence an outcome, if indirectly?


Vvyynn said...

First: I believe that the mind holds a lot more power than we give it credit for, and that if we concentrate solely on one thing, i.e lifting up a lamp on a desk then that lamp would lift. However, we would have to devote 100% of our concentration on this, something not that probable.
Second: No. I do not believe that because you thought you wouldn't ge tinto the musical you didn't get in. If that was the case, I would have gotten a chorus part.

Thus, my answer is: I fyou put 100% of your concentration into making something happen, then yes, it will happen. However, I am very certain that you have more life and less concentration than to sit at home make yourself not get into the musical. Cheer up, it's Oklahoma!. Alsop, you might want to try running crew, it's cool! Well, that's all I've got to say.

Wolf Man Jack said...

I am going to respond based on my own personal experience. I have had dreams where something happens, and then later (weeks, months, years) later it happens. It is never anything important, just a slight memory, or deja vu. It is possible to be able to see things happen before they do in a limited sense, however it will be un-recordable till we, as humans, begin to record every dream we have, and compare it constantly to what happens in our life.
As for influencing ourselves, it is called self-fullfilling prophecy, and it seems to be a true effect. However, in this case it could just be bad luck.

Big E said...

I don't believe in ESP. I think most things percieved as ESP examples of yoru midn playign tricks on you.

Merry_Dip_Salad_Bunny said...

thank you, vyynnnnnnni!
:) i was only using it as an example... but perhaps there are also a lot of politics that go into theatre (well at least at our school). ah...sigh...the petty popularity contests...
but i suppose that is irrelevant to this blog so who am i to speak?
Thank you for your comment, you cheered me up! :)


Big E said...

Please, out of common courtesy and respect for your language, capitalize your I's.

Robert said...

I have to agree with Evan. I do not believe that ESP exists. If it does exist government would be investing heavily in the use of ESP and the world would probably be very different then it is now if people could change the world just by thinking about it. There would be many conflicts of interest and I think that the world would tear itself apart trying to fulfill the will of every person alive.

Vvyynn said...

"Capitalize your I's" says the man who every other sentence has a spelling error. But, yes, Please Meredith, do capitalize your I's...but not your eyes. Anyhoo, I'm going to reiterate what I've already said: ESP is possible, only one must devote every ounce of concetration they have over it. Thus, it will not exist for a long, long time. It does not currently exist (to a type of "X-men" extent), however it might someday.

Big E said...

The difference, dear Vinny, is that my spelling errors are generaly typos. I severly doubt that every single one of her "I"'s were not capitalized because of typos. Also, what makes you believe that ESP exists but only when fully concentrated on? What evidence to you have to support this?

Vvyynn said...

None but my own thoughts. I agree, that I have no way of proving this true, it's something I choose to believe.

Much like religion.