Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Girl Imprisoned for 8 Years in Underground cell

We were talking about this in class today, this is the story of the girl who was kidnapped and imprisoned for 8 years in an underground cell. I find it kind of cool since we are right now reading the story about the prisoners in the cave. Maybe this would be an idea to how they would react. What does everyone think? What are your reactions?

Here's the Link.


Vvyynn said...

I don't think the cave would be exactly like that, mainly because she went outside during those 8 1/2 years. Had she only been in her cell, and only seen what her captor wanted her to see, then it would be like the cave.

Shayden said...

She still couldn't have been exactly like the man in the cave, even if she were locked up with no outlet for 8 yrs. because she already had a concept of the outside world, unlike the person in the cave. It would be a form of regression to suddenly be thrown in a cell and have to listen to the cacophony of one's own mind day in and day out for company. Progression stops there. In a situation like that I would imagine that one would start to lose one's mind. However, by having some access to what was familiar to her (listening to the radio, going out with her captor)she was probably able to maintain her sanity. By only listening to a radio she had to imagine the happenings in the world, creating her own "shadows" of what was out there. To re-emerge and become acquainted with everyone/everything from your former life would be something of a shock. Would it bring fear or relief or a bit of both?

Scummy said...

Hello, the internet. This is my first post, so I apologize for any blogger faux pas (such as apologizing for one's first post - is that a faux pas?).

Here's my thought about this unfortunate Austrian as a literal representation of Plato's Cave: she isn't one, for reasons cited above. This girl, however, is:

The article, reprinted from a book about language theory, is about a fairly renowned feral child named Genie. Hers is a far less romantic, far more macabre tale than that of this Austrian wunderkind.

Additionally, her case shows why we can't take Plato's Cave literally: if we were actually put in a literal Cave, we would all be Mentally retarded. Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to try to finish this post without any more faux pas.

L0L R0FL K THX B4I!!!!!!!1111 ;) ZORZ t3h!111
-Sean Cummings

Scummy said...

Oh, that's cool. the link in the above post doesn't work; awesome!
Just copy it into your browser or something. It's a good read.

Vvyynn said...

What is a good reading, Scummybag? Would you also say that "Lord of the Flies" is a good reading, or that "Crime and Punishment" is a good reading? I'm sick of you and your reading. Watch TV and don't engage your mind like the rest of us "normal" people.