Sunday, September 17, 2006


If what can see is the sea but not for is not is can I go to the store house of flying dagger coins for conduct student conduct is the only way to be a wilting salad in the freezer heat it up if you want to go to the circus today was the only day for a night in shining aluminum foil.

Does this have any meaning? Is This post constructive? Is anything I say constructive? Discuss.


Vvyynn said...

Well, Vvyynn, that brings up an interesting point. What is meaning? Is it something universal, some sort of electricity in the air that our little rabbit ears pick up, or is it something that one creates for oneself? In that case, according to the Pragmatic theory, this has perfect meaning if you want it to. Now I'm going to go heat up that salad.

Jared,givemeagooddisplaynamenow,wolschlager said...

Ya know Vvvynnnyinyy, what you have said, is said, without saying, by which I mean the meaning is demeaned, by constructive constructivism. In for three words, their is yet but and one for yet only three answers to thoughest riddle of yet now.
To be completely seriously, though if your goal was to some how point out the uselessness of language, than yes pehaps you were constructive, though if your intention was to show that meaning is subjective or to just be irreveverant you were as successful. Thus in a word meaning, is meaning, life is life, and this was more than one word.

Vvyynn said...

My God! That was more than one word!