Monday, September 18, 2006

God exists

As i was writing my journal about what i consider a PJTB, a question occured to me.
Can anyone know that god exists as descriptive knowledge, or will it always be confined as aquaintence knowledge?
Would something as sublime as a god figure coming down from heaven make this claim descriptive? Or, what about Jesus? Was this knowledge descriptive during the time of Jesus, at least among believers?


Vvyynn said...

I think given the subjectivity of "believers", then No, we can never have acquaintance knowledge. Even if God did open up the sky and yell out "Hey Guys, I exist! How you doin'?", then there would be numerous people who dismiss this, or block it out of their memory (i.e The camera example somewhere else on this site).
On to the Jesus example. Yes, this COULD be considered acquaintance knowledge, however...

It has just occured to me that not everybody shares the same acquaintance knowledge. So never mind, Yes. Yes, you can have the acquaintance knowledge that God exists.

Deep Chandegara said...

God(s) does exist and I can inductively prove it. Whenever I pray to a god (perhaps not the same gods as everyone else) good things happen to me, and when I don't, usually not so good things happen to me. \\\Descriptive knowledge\\\
Another example: last year I used to put an "Om" sign (its a religious symbol) next to my name on almost every school assignment I turned in, and i got good grades, but when i didn't, i received average grades.
If you disagree with me or believe that God doesn't exist, i ask you this question:
Why do good things happen to me when I pray and not so good things when i don't pray?

Vvyynn said...

Well, Deep, ti's just a coincidence. Yes, I am arguing against myself, but oh well, that's what we need to do for TOK. Surely, there is no way that every single one of your assingments last year whith the "Ohm" on it (I'm fairly certain it's with an "H". Also, does "H" get precede with "a" or "an"? It's no a vowel, but it sometimes sounds like one. Miss Hunt? Help please?) recieved good grades. Also, we go into the problem of definiton. I could say that only recieving an A+ is a good grade, and all other are terrible. Or, you could go to the opposite end of the spectrum and say that as long as you passed, it's a good grade. Even if you can prove this under your definition, it proves nothing. It's a series of coincidences that you process through your perception as proof that there is a God. If an atheist did this same result, he would not become a born again christian, he would dismiss it as a bunch of bull-honky and shut it out. Thus, your example proves nothing. Oh, and for all you feminists out there, replace any "he's" you see with "she's".

Cian said...

Well, if you put the "Om/Ohm" thing next to your name on a quiz and you got a bad grade and then if you didn't put on the next assignment and got a good grade, would that prove that god(s) doesn't exist or would you simply ignore it ("god doesn't work like that")and find something else like it to prove your theory?